Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dressingless salad dressing

A swift suggestion here for you. Just in case you're facing a few salad meals post Christmas and need a little something to spruce them up. I say 'facing' salad meals and it's not that I don't love salad - I really do, I'm a proper salad-lover, salad-craver, but it's just that salad is often a bit chilly and doesn't say 'Sherlock on the telly and a knee-blanket' somehow.

Last night Jim made tandoori chicken. And it needed a salad to go with it. I was feeling a bit hungry and could barely be arsed to upend a bag of Marks & Spnecer leaves into a bowl. I was slightly hoping Jim might take pity on my weariness and suggest I line Sherlock up and get the knee blankets ready, but he was busy recording running feats in his runner's diary. Almost as though he's deliberately emphasising my laziness...

The tandoori chicken he made is fab, so I felt I should do more than just tip in the bag-leaves. So I heroically chopped both cucumber AND tomato. I also topped it with - and this is the good suggestion bit - a finely chopped mix of deseeded green chilli and spring onion. This is a good salad topping for two reasons, it's salad-enhancing delicious and it's not a dressing, meaning no oil, no calories to speak of. 

I can see plenty of salad topping potential here. No dressing, but chopped up olives, capers, pickled things - anything strong tasting.

If the tandoori chicken bit appeals, I'd direct you here to this amazing chef. We are a bit obsessed with him. Apparently there's one video where he makes a biriani so delicious he actually cried when he tastes it. Happens to me all the time.

I do literally love this guy and his website is amazing - check it out here: and see this video for the Tandoori Chicken.

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