Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tinned fish and smoked fish too

I do love a good old tin of sardines. The virtues of tinned fish is something I've harped on about before and if you have a sudden craving for my Sardine Puff Pizza then you can see the recipe here and if that's not enough for you and you're going fishcake crazy, then click here for more opining on fish-in-a-tin. I love tinned fish so much that the internet KNOWS I do and I was interviewed by the BBC for this fascinating piece by Nigel Cassidy about the surge in demand for cheap food in Europe.

But, in a shocking revalation, I can (geddit) reveal that we do actually eat fresh fish. Well it's not that fresh, given that it's smoked, but it is can-less. What I have here is Grimsby Smoked Cod. MSC certified cod no less and you can get it in Waitrose.

I do like a smoked fish. I've never been a kippers for breakfast type, but those vacuum packed smoked mackerel fillets are nectar. So that's all this is, just a reminder about smoked fish, because it's lovely.

Look at these delightful flakes of smoked cod:

A big piece of smoked cod can make two meals. The first poached in milk - put the fish in cold milk, bring to a nearly boil for 2 mins, then turn it off and leave for 5 or 6 minutes - and served with mash and frozen veg. Use the poaching milk to make a cheese sauce. For the next meal use your leftover mash and the rest of the fish to make fishcakes. As you can see from my recipe above, I like to oven cook my fishcakes, just one of those things I like to do.

So, eat more fish. Tinned, frozen, smoked or even, you know, just a fish.

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