Sunday, 21 July 2013

Easiest Ice Cream Ever with Cadbury's Crunchie

This is a sponsored post for Collective Bias and Social Fabric and... CADBURY'S. Oh yes, it is a chore and a challenge, but I said I'd do something creative with Cadbury's chocolate. Opinions are all my own and here's one - I have a bit of a thing for Cadbury's, and it's not what you'd think. Yes, I am a Dairy Milk girl and would wear a banner and go on a march in protest to those single-estate 100% cocoa-choco-poshos who say it's not real chocolate. I like milk chocolate. But my interest extends beyond just a chunk of the old DM in front of the telly, I've read a whole book about Cadbury's and the cocoa trade. I'll not summarise it here, but it's jolly fascinating. I probably ought to be a Fry's devotee because of the Bristol connection, but I'm pretty sure Cadbury's own Fry's Chocolate Creams now anyway, so it's all good.

So, there we go. Now, if like me, you're thinking heatwaves and chocolate don't necessarily mix, then panic not. I offer you a couple of neat little solutions. Cadbury's Crunchie Ice Cream, Dairy Milk 'Ice Magic' Sauce and Ice Cream Cupcakes. The things I do for you... Ice cream and heatwaves; these are the things summers of your childhood are made of. This one hot summer will grow in the memory until it feels like every summer was full of sunshine, splashing, spraying daddy with the hose and sprinkles on ice creams in the garden.

The cupcakes were going to be choc ices, but I wanted to make this staggeringly, comically, absurdly easy ice-cream and it's too soft-set for choc-ice carving. So, these are little ice cream cakes, covered in Dairy Milk with sprinkles. They can sit coyly in the freezer until you are ready for them to debut in the world to all the ooohs and aaahs you'd expect for such pretty little things.

First though, you need to learn this easy, easy, no-churn ice-cream trick. You don't even need an ice cream maker. And when I say no-churn, I mean it - not the merest of stirrings or anything. No point building up a sweat in this heat is there? It's an old trick and one I can't claim to have invented. My mum might have invented it though, back in the late 70s, or maybe she go the idea from Good Housekeeping or whatever. Anyway, like I say, it's a old trick and here's what you do:


  1. Chill a large tin of evaporated milk overnight in the fridge
  2. Whisk it until it triples in volume
  3. Add 4 oz caster sugar 
  4. Add whatever flavouring takes your fancy
  5. Freeze
Ha ha! So easy! So cheaty! To make the Cadbury's Crunchie version, skip the sugar, freeze until it's nearly frozen then add two bashed up Crunchie bars. Honeycomb, chocolate ice cream and no effort.

Now, if that's not enough and you want to up your ice cream prowess even further, you might like to make some DAIRY MILK ICE CREAM SAUCE -  aka, Ice Magic to go on top. In case the very words 'ice magic' aren't giving you a serious blast from the past moment and you've no idea what I'm talking about, this is that choccy sauce that sets on your ice cream. I think you can still buy a version of it, but it's not the cool icicle bottles of my youth. Anyway, what you need is coconut oil. This is available from the 'World Food' aisle in supermarkets or health food shops where it's probably a lot more expensive. Here's how:

  1. Measure out 1tbsp coconut oil - you may need to warm it first until it's liquid, but not in this heatwave
  2. Add 10 chunks of Dairy Milk
  3. Microwave in 10 second bursts until the chocolate is just starting to melt and then stir until fully melted
  4. Spoon over ice cream, whereupon in will set virtually instantly.

And now, you got both those 'recipes' you can also create these lovely ICE CREAM CUPCAKES. The children may well get utterly covered whilst eating them, but that's what paddling pools are for. These are easy, the kids can help and they are a bit summer-time special. They are also utterly calorie laden, so obviously for a treat, On the plus side, they can just live in the freezer and they are little, so they won't send your kids totally insane. I shall be posting the frozen antidote to these in the next few days - pure fruit lollies - so if the heatwave lasts, you could alternate between them. I lined the cupcake cases with melted Dairy Milk, spooned ice cream on top then covered in the 'ice magic' and sprinkles. You could just spoon the unfrozen mix in to the cases, freeze then top with the sauce and re-freeze - much easier. Either eat it in a bowl or quickly using the cake case as a holder (have a hose/pack of babywipes handy).

It's so lovely to play around in the kitchen, especially when there's chocolate involved and Dairy Milk is particularly good for melting and resetting. So, I'd thoroughly recommend trying these out: pick a hot day in the holidays and make ice-cream together. If you want to make a simple ice cream cake, just add chopped up Cadbury's goodies of your choice to the mix and freeze in a clingfilm-lined loaf tin. This is such simple kiddie cooking, they can whisk, stir and make something greater than the sum of its parts. And you get to lick the spoon of course...

We had good friends over on Saturday for a garden splash. A few days ago Em and I made a little cardboard box shop and we thought it was the perfect thing for setting up Kathie's Ice Cream Shop. A tray full for fruit and sprinkles, homemade ice cream, chocolate sauce and then a hose down in the paddling pool. Few things better than this in the sun...

And there cannot be a more effective way of cleaning up ice cream dribbles...

Please have a look at my Google+ album, showing my shopping trip - to Asda - on a Friday night - in which I don't at all lose it or have a rage. Oh, and we did end up having hot dogs too by the way...


  1. Brilliant. I remember that magic sauce! I'll be following your recipes even though it's likely to rain today.

    1. You can probably still buy it - but this way is more fun. And ice cream in the rain? What's wrong with that? :)

    2. I say you NEED ice cream in the rain to cheer you up :-)

  2. Yay! You are a chocolate genius! I love, love, LOVE the little stall too! Perfect! We're coming over!

    1. Awesome! I'll do the ice cream, you bring the flowers! x

  3. Wow I am blown away by this and your album.
    LOVE the icecream stand.
    Liska x

    1. Thanks! Such an easy recipe you can make lots of different flavours too :)

  4. Oh man this looks so good I want to lick the screen! Off to buy evaporated milk!

    1. Yay! Hope you enjoy it! Sooooo easy :)

  5. I used to work in a cafe which specialised in ice cream, and a lot of the best-selling flavours were common chocolate bars. Also, I love the Crunchie ice cream lollies you can get these days. So this is right up my street :)

  6. Wow - what a great idea! I LOVE the ice-cream cupcakes and will be giving them a good go!

  7. Good to know on the no stir ice cream. I have an ice cream maker - somewhere, but our chest freezer is currently so rammed, no chance of getting space to chill it!
    Love the cupcakes too.