Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cheaty Butterscotch Sauce

Ah Butterscotch - the name alone tastes good in your mouth. Butter, scotch, buttery, buttery butterscotch. You could serve up a repugnant, vile sauce, but if you call it butterscotch all will find it delicious.

Just to be clear, this recipe is not for a vile, repugnant sauce, it's for a very simple version of butterscotch that is pointlessly, annoyingly, calorifically delicious. Well it's butter and sugar primarily, so it's going to be good isn't it?

I like the brazenness of butterscotch. It's blatant use of cupboard basics, it's shocking flaunting of it's melted buttery, sugariness. This version is a bit cheaty because it uses brown sugar rather than bothering with careful caramelisation of normal sugar. It's intended to be a quick sauce to knock out when you haven't planned a pudding. Pour it warm over crap ice-cream, splodge it cold over tinned pears - you're not aiming for classy here.

Proper butterscotch uses double cream, if you have it in, use it and use double the quantity of milk in the recipe below. I just suggest milk here because it means you're likely to be able to make this sauce at any given moment without having to shop. It does, however mean that your sauce won't have quite the same perfect texture of traditional butterscotch - it you look closely you'll see it looks very slightly 'split' - it doesn't matter, just stir well and use it straightaway.

The recipe also makes a small amount - suitable a couple of kiddies' pud after a proper meal. Scale it up if you need to.

You need:

  • 1 heaped tbsp butter 
  • 1 heaped tbsp soft brown sugar or light brown Muscavado sugar
  • 1 tbsp whole milk or 2tbsp double cream
  1. Heat the butter and sugar together until melted
  2. Heat it until it looks foamy. Give a good stir
  3. Add the milk/cream and stir vigorously
Let it cool a bit before using, or you're basically serving napalm. Obviously pouring it onto ice-cream helps.
If you let it get cold it will become thicker - nice for blobbing on fruit.


  1. delicious. I've pinned this to remind me to make it for the kids later

    1. Thanks Kath! Bit of this on a tin of peaches and they won't feel cheated out of pudding!

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